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Lintian dissects and tries to find bugs and policy violations. It contains automated checks for many aspects of as well as some checks for common errors.

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Last updated: Wed, 26 Oct 2016 03:56:52 +0000
Archive timestamp:Tue Oct 25 22:10:52 UTC 2016
Distribution: sid,experimental
Archive area: main, contrib, non-free
Architecture: i386,amd64
Maintainers: 2456 (-2)
Package groups: 26846 (+47)
Rescheduled groups: 986 (-6094)
Source packages: 25631 (+39)
Binary packages: 54134 (-40)
μdeb packages: 638 (+0)
E Errors:46412 (+18)
W Warnings:152208 (+1771)
I Info tags:646618 (-6914)
P Pedantic tags:110214 (-1775)
O Overridden tags:204643 (+198)
X Experimental tags:110764 (-278)
Lintian version: 2.5.49

(The numbers in parentheses describe the changes since the last Lintian report, published on Tue, 25 Oct 2016 03:56:34 +0000.)

Evolution of Lintian tags over the past 366 days:

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